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Do what you love and you'll always love what you do

When you find your passion in life, it's hard to do anything else until you find a way to do that thing that makes you happy.  It's that thing that completes you, and for me, it's feeding people good food.  Not just good food, delicious food.  Food so good that when you taste it, you can feel that I truly love what I do.

 My promise to you is that all of our signature items are based off our own homemade recipes, and served hot and fresh.  If it comes off my grill, and out of my truck, you can be darn sure that it's the best it can be.  Anything worth doing is worth doing right.  I believe that and that's why I put my name on it.

- Bob Mannecke    'Mann Meats'

Flavor is everything

Serving people good food is a tradition of love and care.  It takes just the right combination of flavors to make a dish memorable.  We start with USDA certified Grade A meats, and add our hand selected spices.  We have all of our Mann Meat items made by a local butcher, and then we cook it to a smokey perfection.

We believe in quality and craftsmanship, and to be able to bring our food to you, we transformed an old school bus into a food truck, custom built a wood/charcoal rotisserie grill, with 40 linear feet of grilling space, then cut a large viewing window in the side of the bus, that allows us to cook your new favorite food right in front of you.  And it comes with all the smells that will make your mouth water, and truly understand that we love what we do.  

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What's on the Menu?

Our menu changes daily, as we are unable to provide every item below, every day.  Please like and follow us on Facebook, as that is where I post what we are serving and where we will be daily when we are out. 

All our items are $12 or less and served as meals.  Meals come with 2 side items, or a side or a drink, and  all taxes are included.

"Smoked Brisket" - we take the whole brisket, rub it down with our spices, and smoke it low and slow for 10+ hours.  Most of the time, its so tender and juicy, it cant even be sliced, but that takes nothing away from its flavor. It's served with or without a bun. 

"Boss Brat" -   1/2 lb. of ground pork perfectly seasoned with Mann Meats spices, then stuffed into a natural casing with mozzarella cheese, slow cooked and smoked with indirect heat. Served on a gourmet brat bun. 

 (SO GOOD AND JUICY, NO SAUCE IS NEEDED) but always an option.

"Mann Burger" -  1/2 pound hand pattied beef burger, pre-loaded with signature 'Mann Meats' spices, slow cooked and smoked to an epic perfection on our rotisserie, locking in all the flavor, then smothered in melted mozzarella cheese. Served on a dusted Kaiser bun.

"Fork Steak" - yeah, THATS NO TYPO!!!  We take a thick cut Pork Steak, lightly season them, cook slow for several hours, then leave them to simmer to a smoked, tender, tangy perfection.  If you need a knife, we will take it back, hence the name "Fork Steak".  (sauce on the side)

"Rib Tips" - we marinate the tips then grill them till they are a golden brown, then rub them down with more of our own Mann Meats signature seasoning.  We then serve the tender juicy morsels with sauce on the side.  


"Wings and Thighs" - whole jumbo wings and thighs rubbed with olive oil and seasoned with the "Mann Meats" rub. We cook them for hours with indirect heat and then smoke them with real hickory logs, until they are a smokey golden brown.  

"Polish Sausage" 10+ inches (approx. 1/3 lb.) of polish sausage cooked and smoked on our rotisserie, served on a gourmet bun, and then you add the condiments of your choice.

"Hot Link" 10+ inches (approx. 1/3 lb.) of the polish, with a kick.  

"Smoked Sweet Corn" - Almost everybody seems to love our golden and delicious, half-cob of smoked sweet corn, slow cooked and smoked, buttered, lightly seasoned, and served juicy.  (Our customers have often referred to them as dessert.)

Some other offered side items are potato salad, cole slaw, baked beans, and chips.


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